Tesla allows for faster charging in Model 3

This weekend, Tesla launches the rollout of an update to the Model 3 Long Range and Performance that speeds up charging on the CCS standard high-speed drives.

Tesla allows for faster charging in Model 3
Tesla allows for faster charging in Model 3

In the future, these cars will be able to charge up to 200 kilowatts of power over CCS. Tesla's own Supercharger V2 will still not be able to offer more than 145 kilowatts that may need to be shared with the car on the post next to it if anyone says and lets there.

- When we later introduce the V3 Supercharger, these cars will be able to charge even faster, with 250 kW peak power, Tesla's Norwegian communications manager Even Sandvold Roland writes in a message.

Not many charging options
It should be said that there are not many chargers in Norway with support for 200 kilowatts or more. The charging network Ionity, which is under construction these days, only builds chargers with 350 kilowatts of power, but Ionity currently has only 11 stations in Norway, we should believe their map overview.

Both Fortum and Circle K have also rolled out some lighters of 150 kilowatts and the former some very few chargers of 350 kilowatts. However, most publicly available high-speed carriers in Norway are only 50 kilowatts.

200 kilowatts brings Model 3 to the top as the car that can receive the most power output today. The Audi e-Tron, in turn, supports up to 150 kilowatts, while upcoming Porsche Taycan will support as much as 350 kilowatts.

Most other electric cars that have been launched in recent months come with somewhere around 100 kilowatts, and the peak power doesn't say much about how fast it can actually be charged. Few electric cars manage to keep the peak power over very long periods.
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