macOS Catalina gets brilliant function

Sign documents with the iPhone and iPad.

macOS Catalina gets brilliant function
macOS Catalina gets brilliant function

The Mac preview can be very convenient in many situations and is now even smarter in macOS Catalina. The program has in the new update implemented a feature that allows you to use an iPad or iPhone to sign documents.

Even more possibilities

This is set to the alternatives that were previously using the trackpad or scanning paper with the help of the camera - in both cases, this could end up either crooked or cumbersome. With Catalina on your Mac and a device on iOS 13 or iPadOS 13, you can use either your finger or an Apple Pencil to sign documents.

You will find the signature function as usual under tools - note - signature - organize signatures. In Catalina, you also have the option of creating a signature with an iOS device, followed by specification, whether it's the iPad or the iPhone you want to use.

You will be able to get iOS12 devices, but these will not be used to create signatures, according to MacRumors.

After you finish signing, press the "Done" button, whereupon the signature becomes available for future documents in the preview program.