Google warns Trump: - Huawei's hybrid OS is more dangerous

Requires the ban to be abolished.

Google warns Trump: - Huawei's hybrid OS is more dangerous
Google warns Trump: - Huawei's hybrid OS is more dangerous

Google was the first US company to break its ties with Huawei, a breach that, among other things, caused the Chinese company not to receive future Android updates.

They also probably won't use Google's services, such as Maps, YouTube, Gmail, and so on.

There are several who lose in this case.

Most now indicate that Huawei will be introducing its proprietary operating system, perhaps called ARK OS, into future Huawei phones.

But Google knows that they are also losing money on the ban, like the chip makers, and the company will be very interested in resuming cooperation with Huawei.

Claiming Huawei's OS is a threat to "national security."
The Financial Times claims that Google is trying to convince the Trump administration that letting Huawei use its hybrid version of Android is more dangerous than actually making them use Android in the first place.

According to the source, the newspaper has been in contact, Google uses "national security" as an argument that they should cooperate with Huawei again, because Huawei's own operating system "is more susceptible to being hacked, not least by China."

More exposed

Google allegedly points out that Huawei's OS lacks essential protection mechanisms, such as Play Protect and Play Services, and considers it risky to allow US users to take advantage of such an OS.

If the argument goes anywhere, it remains to be seen.

So far, there is nothing to suggest that the ban on trading Huawei will be lifted. Huawei has admittedly experienced some ups and downs over the past two weeks, among other things, they have been taken into the heat by several organizations they were first thrown out of.
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