Do you see where Battlefield V goes?

Battlefield V was launched last year, but EA has promised that more content will be pushed out to the players over time.

Do you see where Battlefield V goes?
Do you see where Battlefield V goes?

In March, the company published a roadmap showing the launch plans ahead, and it came to light that Battlefield V's chapter 4 - "Defying The Odds" begins in June.

Now EA has revealed more and released a trailer for the chapter. For us Norwegians, it is extra exciting because one of the maps takes you to Lofoten.

You can expect this

EA promises two new and large maps made for 64 players. It starts with the Al Sunday map on June 27th. This is the map built for classic multiplayer action, focusing on great distances and team play with both tanks and cars involved.

The map is based on the single-player story in the game, "Under No Flag," and is located in the North African desert.

In July you will be taken to the Greek Marita map, where you have to fight enemies in the mountains.

France and Norway in August
But it is perhaps August that is most exciting because then there will be two new maps, where one of them is taking you to Lofoten.

The second map is in France and both focus on melee combat. In Lofoten, your mission is to destroy a factory that produces explosives.

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