Apple may be on the way to boost 3D Touch with iOS 13

"The new iPhone screen changes the way we use the phone" was the headline of our Apple iPhone 6S test. And what was so special about the screen was the 3D Touch - which simply explains that the touch screen not only detects you but also how hard you press.

Apple may be on the way to boost 3D Touch with iOS 13
Apple may be on the way to boost 3D Touch with iOS 13

Our reviewer quickly got excited about the new feature. Therefore, it seems immediately strange that Apple - just four years later - seems to be mainly discontinuing 3D Touch in the upcoming operating system update iOS 13.

The same functionality with context menus provided with 3D Touch will now work with the long press instead, writes 9to5Mac, which has played with the beta version of iOS 13.

Where previously you could just push hard, you have to press, hold, and wait for a little with iOS 13 - unless Apple repents before they release the finished version.

However, there are cases where 3D Touch is used today, where it can be hard to be replaced with a long press. For example, a hard press on the keyboard today gives you control over the pointer in the text field, while a long press gives you letter options. We do not know how this will be in iOS 13.

Same for everyone
The advantage of long press over 3D Touch is quite clear - not all devices running iOS have a display with this functionality built in. Among other things, last year's iPhone Xr.

This means that you have to do things differently depending on what kind of device you are sitting on there and then. We also see that many users are not even aware that they have such opportunities on their iPhone today.

By taking long presses over, the iOS experience becomes more similar for all devices. But even if today's considerations 3D Touch users do not lose so much functionality, they have to rely on things not going as fast as they have to press and hold before things happen.

One unanswered question is what will happen to games and apps that rely on the 3D Touch functionality. As an example, we have car racing where we vary gas and brake with how hard we press.

Music clips, such as Smiles Magic Piano, can use the pressure sensitivity to determine how powerful a tone is to be played, much like a conventional keyboard.

Whether this is also affected in iOS 13 remains to be seen.

We must also ask if this is only the first step in a complete phasing out of the 3D Touch. It may well be that Apple looks for ways to cut costs and there can be a lot of money saving in using screens without this functionality - especially when it's not a feature that many people actually use.

It also probably opens for thinner mobiles, so we shouldn't overlook the fact that Apple's next top model can come without the 3D Touch.
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